Solid Braded Copper Magnetic Adjustable Bracelet - B018XPC75Y

Solid Braded Copper Magnetic Adjustable Bracelet - B018XPC75Y

Product Code: B018XPC75Y
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  • Solid Copper Design is Elegant and Beautiful, yet Strong and Durable enough to last for years!

  • Ideal for everyday wear or elegant enough for special occasions

  • Comes Packaged Suitable for Gift Giving!!

  • Designed Produced and Sold by an American Company -- Top Quality!!

  • Wheeler Manufacturing Co has been designing, producing and selling jewelry since 1946 in a small mid-western town. Jewelry by Wheeler is always a crafted work of art. The fine features on the pieces are done with great care by skilled artisans who take great pride in the products they make. This intricate piece is no exception, the solid craftsmanship will last for years. Copper is the first metal early man mastered for tool and weapon use and was the princople tool metal used to build the great pyramids of Egypt. Despite being soft and easily formed, copper tools gave man a gigantic leap in technology. The discovery and use of copper resulted in the beginning of the Bronze Age in man's history. It is common knowledge that many people believe copper relieves the pain and suffering of arthritis. More often than not, folklore is based in truth. Wheeler's solid copper jewelry is lacquered with the finest quality Egyptian lacquer to prevent tarnishing of the jewelry on the display. The lacquer on the dcopper bracelets is designed to slowly disappear with wear. When the lacquer coating wears off, the copper will change color slightly to its greenish patina Color. We offer solid copper, solid copper with magnets, liquid copper, and some pieces with simulated turquoise. We use 100% pure copper in our jewelry. We use reclaimed and recycled copper along with virgin copper for this line.

    Solid Braded Copper Magnetic Adjustable Bracelet - B018XPC75Y

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